The TOP 5 Caregiver Job Interview Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Our favorite caregiver jobs and hiring expert, Ms. Dawn Seek, shares the top five job application and job interview mistakes that caregivers make when applying and interviewing for caregiver jobs.

1. Being LATE or sometimes not showing up.

  • We do have people that will call back and asked to be rescheduled after they have not shown up for their interview. If somebody is about ten minutes late for an interview and they have not called to tell us that they’re gonna be late. We normally either rescheduled them or depending on the circumstances, we may not even offer them another interview.


  • When someone comes into the office, we expect that they are gonna be prepared to be interviewed. We have people that come in, I’m not even really sure what’s gonna happened. So if someone doesn’t know how to interview, it’s really important that they do a little bit of research and figure out. “What if someone going to asked me when I go in an interview. And how am I best prepared for that?” Because people are gonna look at you as a whole person and will gonna ask questions about you. Because it is such an intimate type of care that we provide to somebody, it’s very important for us to know your personality and what type of person you are. So that we know how to best match you, with the best client and make it a successful match that will last a long time.

3. Not bringing ALL of your information

  • So if we asked for a particular piece of information such as a social security card, and you come without that, that’s a big ____ for us, because, first of all it’s required for us to move forward in the interview process. But also, we have to ask ourselves:

  • How prepared is this person?

  • How much time did they put into being prepared to show up and give a good interview?

4. Not making EYE CONTACT

  • With the person that’s interviewing you. Looking down at the table.

5. Having your PHONE out

  • This is the worst thing you can do. When you walk into an interview, your phone should be on silent. And it should be in your purse. I’ve had people actually answered their telephones in the middle of the interview. Those people don’t get through the hiring process. So it’s really important to be completely present in the room and give everything that you have in terms of attention to the person that’s interviewing you.

  • Because it’s a sign of respect and if you’re not going to completely engage with the person who is gonna be hiring you, how will you engage with the clients that you are going to be matched with? So that one really important point. Be really present in the room and make sure that the interviewer knows that you are attentive and that you really care about being there."

Dawn's Bio: Ms. Dawn Seek is the Executive Director of the Maryland-National Capital Home Care Association (MNCHA) and an advisor to Caregiver Jobs Now (previously called ReciproCare). She has more than 20 years of experience as a home care agency executive and leader.


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