Tina's Tip: Submit matching caregiver job applications!

Caregiver Jobs Now's favorite CNA & Caregiver Specialist, Tina Fynn, shares her lessons learned from helping hundreds of CNAs, HHAs, and Caregivers apply for and connect to CNA jobs and caregiver jobs.

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Employers keep track of all of your job applications

If you're a CNA, HHA, Personal Care Aide or another type of caregiver, then you have probably applied for dozens of caregiver jobs over the years! It's true, isn't it? Well, it may surprise you to learn that home healthcare agencies, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and other employers keep all of your applications in their database of caregiver job applicants.

Hiring managers can connect your applications to each other because your name, address, phone number or CNA license number will be the same across them all. Be careful not to submit a job application that tells a different story than job applications you've submitted in the past.

Courtney's caregiver job application journey

See below for the transcription of our video of CNA and Caregiver Specialist, Tina Fynn, describing how her friend Courtney encountered this exact situation. Listen to the video above and learn!

"So, I do not if you know this, employers keep our information forever. I have this friend called Courtney, who completed an application with an agency very recently, and when she finished the application.

  • The employer looked at it and said: 'This information isn’t right.'

  • And Courtney was like: 'Wait, what do you mean?'

  • So the employer pulled out her application from two years ago and showed it to her.

  • She said: 'You said this you said that to the first one and now you are saying something different. This information does not tally.'

I really don’t know why Courtney didn’t have the same information. But at that point, the employer thought she was being dishonest. So my suggestion to caregivers would be to keep a record of every employer that you go to and also try to make your information tally. This is why I think the resume is very important because you can just add to it as you go from agency to agency."

Tina's Bio: Ms. Augustina Fynn worked with Caregiver Jobs Now as its first Caregiver Specialist, helping hundreds of nursing assistants, home health aides, and personal care aides connect to caregiver jobs. She is a CNA graduate of the Fomen Nursing Assistant Academy and has more than 6 years of experience in-home care.


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