Tina's Tip: Caregiver jobs with short shifts can mean more hours!

Tina Fynn, a CNA with extensive recruiting experience, tells us how she has gotten more hours and more pay by successfully piecing together short hour shifts.

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See below (and watch above) for additional tips from Tina on how to make more money as a CNA with short shifts that can add up to more hours and more pay.

Make more money with short shifts

"So the other day I was sitting with a caregiver friend when she received a text message and it was for a case in Bowie [Maryland] from one of the agencies she had applied to, it was 6 AM to 6 PM, that was 12 hours. And she told me: 'This agency just told me to work for them from 6 AM to 6 PM but I am not gonna go.'

I was really surprised and I said, why?! That’s 12 hours! And she was like, 'Oh no, it’s probably just for one day.' Okay. I was thinking okay, why wouldn’t you want to go get your 12-hour money, you know, but she was like, _No, it was just one day._

[She said] 'I’m looking for something that is consistent. I’m looking for something that is at least 40 hours a week.' And I do understand that as caregivers, we all want long hours. We all want to work full time but sometimes that is not the case. _Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean._

And by accepting 12 hours here, 12 hours there, 6 hours there, you’ll never know by the end of the week you may have up to 40 hours or even more. So, the point I’m trying to make is: That it’s not about that consistent 40 hour job at one agency. You can have 12 hour cases or 6 hour cases in various agencies but when you patch the pieces together, it becomes a beautiful big quilt."_

Tina Fynn's Bio: Ms. Tina Fynn has worked with hundreds of CNA, HHA, PCA, and other caregivers connect to various types of caregiver jobs in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. She is a CNA graduate of the Fomen Nursing Assistant Academy and has 6+ years of experience as a nursing assistant helping older adults with their activities of daily living in their homes.

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