Tina's Tips: Being late for caregiver job interviews & how to recover

CNA Specialist, Tina Fynn, tells us how to avoid being late for caregiver job interviews and how to recover if you are late.

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Be on time for your caregiver job interview!

Being late when you're going to your interviews for CNA jobs and Caregiver jobs can be nerve-wracking! Hiring managers judge lateness very negatively. For some, lateness is a deal-breaker and they won't consider hiring a caregiver who is later for their job interview. But, it's possible to recover even if you're already going to be late for your job interview.

What to do when you're late for your job interview.

Here are a few tips on how to do damage control when you're running late:

  • Call the office as soon as possible and let the interviewer know that you're running late. Let them know when you expect to arrive and whether or not your new arrival time is okay. If it's not, let them know that you would love to reschedule the interview to a time that is convenient for them.

  • If the new time is okay with the recruiter, then take a few deep breaths and calm yourself. You want to present your best self to the interviewer who wants to know that you can handle yourself under stress. Be sure to keep a positive attitude during your caregiver job interview and answer your interview questions calmly!

  • Send a thank you email after your caregiver job interview. This will help you to stand out in the mind of your interviewer. Few CNAs, home health aides, or other caregivers send thank you notes after a job interview. When you do it, it will impress your interviewer and help them to think of you positively. Apologize again in the letter, but don't go overboard. Be sure to thank them for your time and mention something unique that happened during your caregiver job interview. You can also be sure to tell them that you really want the job!

See below (and watch above) to learn more about the challenges associated with being late for CNA job interviews.

Tina's Tips: Prepare so that you're not late for your caregiver job interview

" So one of the roadblocks I feel caregivers have had in finding work is being late. Employers complain about this all the time. And trust me I am a caregiver, I know this. A few days ago, I was talking to a relative who was telling me how she was sent back home from an interview because she was late. I didn’t understand this. When I asked more questions: I found out she was half an hour late. And it was supposed to be like an interview and also presenting your information kind of session and it was supposed to be for one hour, so if she was half an hour late?

The employer didn’t think she would be able to provide all this information in thirty minutes. But we also have to understand that she wasn’t late just because she was being lazy. She was having trouble finding her way to the employer’s office. She’s not very tech savvy, so she didn’t know how to navigate the GPS she have on her phone. She had a lot of challenges and it could be the story of many caregivers who also are late to their appointment.

But I feel that there’s a solution for that. My relative could have found her way to the employers’ office like the day before, try to have an idea of how long would it take her to even get there, or how should she be able to get there. I feel that by doing this, a lot of caregivers will be able to arrive to their either appointments on time. “Even if it is an interview or to the client’s house, it’s really going to help. And by doing that, you never know, you get there on time, complete your applications, the next day there’s a job that be will on your way.

Now my relative has to wait a whole week before she can go and complete her application. Now the job is taken away from her and is wasting her time, her energy and her gas and this happened to a lot of caregivers."

Augustina's Bio: Augustina Fynn served _ Caregiver Jobs Now_ as a Caregiver Specialist. Augustina has helped hundreds of nursing assistants, home health aides, personal care aides, and other caregivers connect to caregiver jobs. She completed her CNA classes at the Fomen Nursing Assistant Academy and gained 6 years of experience as a certified nursing assistant by supporting older adults to live safely at home.


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