Tina's Tip: CNA test prep before your job interview

CNA Specialist, Tina Fynn, shares her insights about CNA test prep for nursing assistants and others who take skills tests at their interviews for CNA jobs..

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CNA Test Prep for Job Interviews

If you're a Certified Nursing Assistant who has ever interviewed for a CNA job, then you have probably been surprised by a written skills test at one or more of your CNA interviews. A recruiter may have even asked you to show off your skills during your CNA interview. Did you feel prepared? Well, to make sure that you're ready for the next interview skills test, brush up on your CNA skills before the interview.

Written & Oral CNA interview skills tests

Many employers require a written skills exam before they even consider an oral interview. The recruiter may ask you to use their computer to answer a multiple-choice CNA test. They may ask you questions about how you would handle specific situations with a combative resident or difficult client. Just remember what you learned in school and the situations that you have faced on the job.

Just listen carefully to the questions and imagine how you would handle the situation. Then, all you have to do is very carefully describe what you would do in each situation that the recruiter asks you about. Just relax and remember that you know what you're doing!

See below (and watch above) for additional tips on how to approach CNA test prep for job interviews.

Tina's Tips: Getting ready for your interview CNA exam

So dear caregivers, how many of us have gone to an interview to take a test, as well as sometimes we are not prepared. For an example, my aunt was at an interview just this past Monday, and at the end of the interview she found out that she had to take a test and she was telling me she was not prepared but the interesting thing about these tests they are mostly general knowledge, things that caregivers should know. And I feel we shouldn’t have anxiety about taking the test.

Brush up on our CNA skills

  • And also one the things we can do is that whenever we are going for an interview we should try to refresh our memory on what it means to be a caregiver and the things we learned in the class. I believe this would help us to ace the test and also show ourselves as caregivers.

  • One solution I have to that is to quickly refer to our CNA training book that we all received when we went to our CNA training.

  • Or we can also take preparation test online before we go for an interview. It could be an interview but there might be a test on the way."

Tina Fynn's Bio: Ms. Tina Fynn was our first hire at Caregiver Jobs Now where she worked as a Caregiver Specialist. In this role, she has helped hundreds of nursing assistants, home health aides, personal care aides, and other caregivers connect to caregiver jobs. Augustina is a CNA graduate of the Fomen Nursing Assistant Academy and has more than 6 years of experience as a nursing assistant helping older adults with their activities of daily living in their homes.


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