How Caregivers can STAND OUT!

Our favorite caregiver jobs and hiring expert, Dawn Seek, shares tips and tricks on how caregivers can stand out in their caregiver job interviews, especially when looking for home care jobs!

1. Be prepared on the phone

"Caregivers can stand-out. If they call, [they should] be prepared on the phone making sure they have a pen and paper if they have to jot down information such as the address, to where they're going to come and interview."

2. Be on time and dress professionally

"When they get to the interview, coming in on-time and being professionally dressed and engaging, introducing themselves. One of the big things that I find is that somebody will come in and say, “I am here for an interview. “ When they’re asked, who they’re here to interview with, they don’t know the person they are interviewing with. That’s almost akin to not knowing the name of the client they are gonna take care of."

3. Know the name of your interviewer

"So it’s really big. Details. Details are important. Walking in and knowing that I’m going to interview with Dawn Seek today, for a position as a CNA is a very good detail. Being pleasant and engaged and smiling and being agreeable is very important. "

4. Be articulate and specific

"Be articulate in your answers. So, if we asked you: What days of the week you’d like to work. And what hours of those days, you would like to work. Answering that specifically is very important. If you say, "Well, I’d like to work weekends." Well, what does "weekends" mean to you? Because what weekends mean to you, might be something different than what weekends mean to me. So if you’d like to work Saturday, between 8 and 3 and on Sunday between 8 and 3, we would like to know that. So, be specific."

5. Show your personality

"The most important thing we’re looking for is: Who are you? What's your personality like? There’s no bad personality. But we have to know who you are because we have to make sure that we are not putting somebody that likes to chat a lot, with somebody who doesn’t want someone who chats a lot.

So we have to know who you are, not because- we think there’s anything wrong with who you are. But we don’t want to put you with someone, you know “a client” and make it a bad match for both of you."

6. Be serious about your job interview

"Our goal, when we hire somebody, is to really make it a great experience for them. And in order to do that, we have to take all the steps in the interview and hiring process very seriously. And someone whose successful [in the interview] will also share their seriousness and the focus on giving a good interview."

7. Explain why you want the job

"People, who really like, when we ask why you’re doing the job? It’s really important for you to tell us why you want to do that job. We’re looking for people who are caring, and who interested in being engaged with not just the clients but with the office staff. So the more detailed you can be."

8. Tell us stories

"Tell us stories. We like when people tell us stories about the people they’ve taken care of in the past. That really makes a caregiver stand out. So oftentimes, I’ll ask somebody: “Tell me something that you’ve done for your client that goes above and beyond. “ And I like to hear stories about: "I know my client likes to garden, but she can’t garden anymore. So I’ve made her an indoor garden so that she can enjoy her plants.”

That tells me that, that caregiver is really truly engaged in what they’re doing. And they’re trying to look for what’s the most important to the people that they care for. So, when we are looking for caregivers, really what we are looking for someone who is happy about doing the job that they are doing."

9. Be good people!

  • Who is organized?
  • Who is engaged. We are looking for good people.
  • We are looking for people that are happy to be doing what they’re doing.
  • Who is gonna get to their cases on time?

"Who is going to make themselves and the company that they’ve worked for look good and really add value and meaning to the life of the people that they care for?"

Dawn's Bio: Ms. Dawn Seek is the Executive Director of the Maryland-National Capital Home Care Association (MNCHA) and an advisor to Caregiver Jobs Now (previously called ReciproCare). She has more than 20 years of experience as a home care agency executive and leader.


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