How to Get a [Caregiver] JOB Quickly

Our favorite caregiver and CNA jobs expert, Ms. Dawn Seek, shares some quick tips on how to be successful in applying and interviewing for the job you want to get. She tells us how caregivers can get a job quickly!

1. A complete and accurate application matters

"If somebody would like to get a job quickly, one of the most important things to start with is their application, a complete and accurate application is really the key to success. If a recruiter looks at an application and there are items missing, we have to wonder why they’re missing. Are they trying to hide something? Or are they just not prepared or organized enough to know that, they need to fill that out. What’s the reason? So we are really looking for accuracy and completeness in the application. "

2. Answer the phone when recruiters call

"Once the application is done, when we call you, it’s really important that you answer the phone. Oftentimes, we have what we feel a good candidate, but when we call them, they don’t return our calls. Even if someone is no longer interested in getting a job with us, we like to know that. Because we won't continue to pursue that person rather than looking for another candidate who might actually be available. So those are some of the most important things in starting the interview process."

3. What recruiters are looking for

"Once you get to the point where you’re actually coming in for an interview, some of the things recruiters look for are:

  • How is somebody dressed? Are they dressed professionally? Is their hair neat?
  • Are they alert and awake? Or are they coming off another job, where they’re so tired that they can’t interact with you in a healthy way?"

4. Bring your required documents

"We look at all those things. We also look at [whether or not] you are prepared? Have you come with all the documents that we’ve asked you to come with? You have to understand that we can’t hire somebody if we don’t have the information that we need. We are required by law to collect certain information, and all of our companies have their own policies about additional things that need to be collected. If we don’t have those things, then we can’t complete the hiring process. And it becomes a waste of time for you and also for the applicant as well. And that’s not what we want. We’re obviously looking to interview and hire somebody as quickly as possible. Because most of the time, we have jobs available for people and we want them to get those jobs."

Dawn's Bio: Ms. Dawn Seek is the Executive Director of the Maryland-National Capital Home Care Association (MNCHA) and an advisor to Caregiver Jobs Now (previously called ReciproCare). She has more than 20 years of experience as a home care agency executive and leader.


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