Tina's Tip: Friends can help you find caregiver jobs

Our company's very first Caregiver Specialist, Tina Fynn, shares tips about networking with other CNA and Caregivers and how it can help you to find the best CNA jobs and caregiver jobs.


Last year there was a research study that showed that more than 60% of nursing assistants and caregivers are looking for a job at any point in time. It's great to keep your options open! Perhaps you are one of them?

Of course, you should keep your eyes open for new job opportunities. This is especially important in these uncertain times with the COVID 19 pandemic leading to job instability and layoffs. Interestingly, CNA and other certified healthcare assistants are in high demand by hospitals that are looking for workers to help with the pandemic response.

There are so many ways to find CNA jobs and Caregiver jobs:

  • online job platforms like Monster, Career Builder or Caregiver Jobs Now
  • applications for CNA jobs directly on nursing home, hospital, and staffing agency websites
  • call all the companies in. your area on the phone to find out who is actively hiring
  • referrals from your friends who work as CNAs, HHAs, Personal Care Aides, and Caregivers.

Build a network of caregiver advocates

See below for a transcription of Tina's Caregiver Job Interview Tips video on how to find caregiver jobs with help from your friends!

  • "*Almost every job that I have received as a caregiver or any every employer that I have applied to came [to me] through a friend like a connection through a friend. *

  • "So I mentioned the employer that worked with previously and even the one that I have worked with now, I received that referral through my friend. And she saw it in the paper and that was because I had told her the list of things that I wanted from a caregiving company. So when she saw it on the paper, she immediately came to tell me!

    • 'Wait this sounds like what you have been describing to me, you should apply to this company.'
  • And I feel like as caregivers, we can be our own advocates for each other. So try to build a network of caregiver friends who can connect you to the newest agency or even the most reliable agency in the area. It could be any kind of help, but try to have friends who are caregivers who can connect you to job opportunities."

If you're like Tina and you rely on friends to help you find jobs (in addition to job boards like Caregiver Jobs Now), be sure to ask your friends if their employers offer referral bonuses. In some cases, both you and your friend could get paid a monetary bonus if you get hired! These bonuses are usually tied to staying at the company for a certain period of time.


Hundreds of CNA and Caregivers have found jobs with the help of Caregiver Jobs Now.

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