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CNA Reciprocity: Arizona CNA license transfer

CNA Reciprocity: Arizona CNA license transfer

Sue Giplaye
Sue Giplaye
Digital Marketing Apprentice, CaregiverJobsNow

Please contact the Arizona State Board of Nursing to find out how CNA reciprocity works during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arizona is home to the United States' most visited vacation spot, The Grand Canyon. A large percentage of its land is set aside and reserved for the Indians. It is known for its diverse cultures and tall mountains.

According to PHI, there were an estimated 14,750 nursing assistants in the State of Arizona in 2018. Arizona is interesting because of the various types of CNA that are recognized by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Certified Nursing Assistants are considered CNA or "Registry CNA" whereas Licensed Nursing Assistants are considered "LNA." The website explains that Registry CNAs don't have as much oversight by the Board of Nursing (BON) and they can become certified as nursing assistants with fewer requirements. Registry CNA is a new category within the Arizona Board of Nursing as of July 2016. Interestingly, LNAs have to meet more requirements; these are the same as the "old" CNA requirements from before the change in 2016.

    Are you a CNA who is relocating to Arizona? Would you like to work as a CNA or LNA in your new home state? Are you passionate about working as a caregiver? You can be confident that there is a rewarding CNA career waiting for you in Arizona. Arizona CNA reciprocity enables you to transfer your CNA license from your current state to Arizona, in most cases. You will love your new nursing assistant career in this state full of canyons and natural beauty. Applying for a CNA license transfer is relatively quick and easy in Arizona. You can find more information about CNA Endorsement on the BON website.

    CNA License Transfer in 7 easy steps

    Step 1: Vist the Arizona State Board Of Nursing website

    • Download the Proof of Nurse Aide Registration form to apply for endorsement of your CNA
    • Print and complete this application to begin the process of obtaining CNA reciprocity from the State of Arizona.

    Step 2: Contact Board of Nursing in the state where your license is active

    • For effective CNA license transfer to Arizona, contact your former Board of Nursing. Send the Proof of Nurse Aide Registration form to your home state's Board of Nursing or other certification agencies for CNA.
    • Complete the category that confirms your current CNA certification. After it is completed, your state's Board of Nursing will return the form back to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

    Step 3: Find out if your CNA license is active in a state eligible for CNA reciprocity

    • If the state where your certification is active is listed on the application in Part 2, the good news is that you do not have to apply to the certification agency.

    • Double-check the application for the list of states and look for the state in which your CNA license is active.

    Step 4: Submit your application to the Arizona State Board of Nursing

    • Complete the CNA endorsement application and submit it to Arizona's Board of Nursing.

    Step 5: Provide proof of your CNA training 

    • Your training has to be approved by the Arizona State Board Of Nursing. You must provide evidence of completing a 120-hour CNA training program

    • Another option is to submit evidence of completion of a 75-hour CNA training course in your state. If you do, you will also need proof of also working as a CNA for at least 45 hours.

    Step 6: Complete a criminal background check

    • Complete and submit your fingerprint card for a criminal background check. The results can take up to 3 weeks.
    • This background check is conducted by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI). If a positive criminal history is found, the investigation may take much longer. It may last up to 4-6 months

    Step 7: Provide evidence of your US citizen or national status 

    • The application lists the documents that can serve as proof of your status or just click here for more information.
    • Pay the $50 certification fee to The Arizona State Board of Nursing. Once you have completed Step 7, you will be able to obtain Arizona CNA reciprocity.

    In addition to transferring your CNA license, you can also purse CNA certification by Examination. If you've graduated from an approved CNA program in another state and want to take the Arizona nursing assistant state exam, you are eligible to take this pathway.  You can obtain an original CNA certificate in Arizona through CNA Certification by Examination.

    Arizona is a beautiful state full of gorgeous geographical locations. If you want Arizona CNA reciprocity, follow the 7 steps above and you will be on your way to a new life, new location, and fruitful career.  Yet, there are many other states that offer CNA reciprocity. They include but are not limited to New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Texas, and Maryland

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    Sue Giplaye

    Sue Giplaye is a freelance writer, blogger, and content developer. She wrote this article during her digital marketing apprenticeship at CaregiverJobsNow. Sue has written numerous blog posts on sites such as and, in addition to CaregiverJobsNow.

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