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RN/ LPN Wound care Nurse

Baltimore, MD


Posted 32 weeks ago
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Job Description

RN/ LPN Wound care Nurse

FutureCare Irvington is located just outside of Catonsville on a scenic 15-acre wooded setting, is looking for an LPN or RN with wound care certifications for part time weekend day shift to join their team.

Provide skin care to residents with an emphasis on prevention and treatment of skin disorders. The skin Care Coordinator works predominately with an adult geriatric population.

  1. Clinical: Identifies, plans, implements, and evaluates skin care in residents.

  1. Identifies, manages, and treats specific skin disorders.
  2. Performs an assessment evaluation using techniques including observation, and inspection.
  3. Confers with the Care Planning Team in the development of the care plan.
  4. Provides treatment for skin disorders within established wound care protocol.
  5. Monitors the use of preventive measures such as inspection, turning and positioning.

  1. Assists in modifying the treatment regimen to meet the needs of the resident, in accordance with established medical practices, the regulatory guidelines and the policies and goals of this facility.

  1. Provides information to resident and caregivers on prevention techniques and other ways to maintain or improve the general health and psychosocial status of the resident.

  1. Professional Development: Recognizes self-learning needs related to nursing practice and as assigned, acts as a resource person on assigned unit to assure safe, knowledgeable nursing care.

  1. Identifies self-learning needs.
  2. Precepts new nurses, demonstrates individual procedures to new nursing personnel.
  3. Participates as requested in the planning and conducting of in-service training classes concerning dermatologic nursing skills and procedures used within the facility.
  4. Attends mandatory in-services annually.
  5. Attends staff meetings at least 75% per year.
  6. Participates in Performance Improvement program as assigned such as wound and nutrition committee.

  1. Communications: Demonstrated positive and effective communication skills to facilitate positive interpersonal interaction.

a. Demonstrates effective interviewing skills by eliciting information required

for accurate assessment.

b. Demonstrates assertive communication at all times.

c. Adapts communication to level of listener's understanding on a one-to-one

basis with residents/families.

d. Interacts with others in a considerate, helpful and courteous manner.

e. Reads all written communication/minutes regarding unit activities.

f. Independently and accurately completes required administrative

documentation (weekly skin measurements, requisitions, etc.)

g. Independently completes and provides follow through on incident reports as


h. Orders and tracks the usage of supplies/equipment in prevention and


i. Communicates pertinent information and requests through established

organizational channels.

j. Presents neat appearance in appropriate dress and identification as required by

the position.

  1. Leadership: Participates as an effective health team member, demonstrating basic leadership skills to assure smooth unit/area operations and quality resident care.

a. Abides by the standards identified in FutureCare's Statement of Corporate

Ethics and the Corporate Compliance Plan.

b. Oversees all direct wound care activities to assure practices are consistent.

c. Coordinates weekly skin rounds.

d. Recognizes learning needs of nursing personnel on unit and provides

instruction as necessary.

  1. Miscellaneous:

a. Other relevant duties as assigned

.b. Provides facility with yearly nursing license.

c. Submits requests for time off per policy.

d. Complies with schedule as posted and adheres to daily assignment.

  1. Current Maryland RN or LPN license.
  2. One-year experience in nursing preferred.
  3. Experience in skin care preferred.
  4. Certification in wound care