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Licensed Vocational Nurse

Garland, TX 75049

North Texas Orthopedics

Posted 33 weeks ago
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Job Description

Licensed Vocational Nurse

We are seeking to hire a LVN for our pain management clinic. As a successful candidate, your job duties will include:

1. Fulfills patient care responsibilities as assigned
2. Accompanying patients to exam/procedure room; assisting patients as needed with walking transfers, dressing, collecting specimens, preparing for exam, etc.;
3. Collecting patient history, vitals, medications and allergies.
4. Perform screenings per provider guidelines; assisting physicians/nurses with various procedures; charting; relaying instructions to patients/families; answering calls and providing pertinent information.
5. Schedule Fluoroscopy procedures and follow up appointment.
6. Patient procedure education and strong knowledge on medication interactions and risk.
7. Obtaining blood pressure Glucose tests, pregnancy test, AED, and oxygen tank.
8. Answering phone calls from patients and directing them in getting results.
9. Fulfills clerical responsibilities as assigned that may include sending/receiving records; obtaining lab/X-ray reports, hospital notes, referral information, etc.;
10. Complete forms/requisitions as needed; scheduling appointments, scanning, creating procedure notes.
11. Fulfills environmental responsibilities as assigned that may include setting up instruments and equipment according to department protocols; cleaning exam/procedure rooms, instruments, and equipment between patient visits to maintain infection control; cleaning sterilizer according to scheduled maintenance program and keeping appropriate records, restocking exam/procedure rooms.
12. Fulfills organizational responsibilities as assigned including respecting/promoting patient rights; responding appropriately to emergency codes; sharing problems relating to patients and/or staff with immediate supervisor.
13. Fulfills clinical medical assisting responsibilities that vary according to state law, which may include medical/surgical asepsis, sterilization, instrument wrapping and autoclaving; checking vital signs or mensuration's; physical examination preparations; clinical pharmacology; prescription verifications with physician's orders; applying dressings, and suture removal.
14. Biohazard waste disposal and monitoring Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines; quality control methods.
15. Other duties as assigned.