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Certified Medical Assistant

Boulder, CO 80310

Posted 44 weeks ago
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Job Description

Certified Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants perform duties to assist health care professionals in the examination and treatment of patients, including:
Greets and takes patients to exam rooms and prepares patient for provider examination. Assist the provider during clinic. Correctly updates patient information in the EMR at each visit.Makes sure that all diagnostic tests, hospital reports, and other medical records are available prior to clinic visit to provide quality patient care.Prepares biological treatments such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) in a sterile fashion, and assists the physician with sterile harvesting and preparation of bone marrow and adipose (fat) grafts. Prepares dextrose prolotherapy and other injectable solutions..Maintains organization, cleanliness, and inventory of the exam rooms. Orders supplies as needed.Provides cross coverage for other MA's/willingness to travel to other physician offices as requested or needed.Maintains workflow in department without direct supervision. Works cooperatively with coworkers, providers, and management. Shares knowledge and insights with co-workers in a constructive manner.Maintains inventory management of clinical, injectibles/medications ensuring expiration dates have not passed.Obtains patient vital signs and performs phlebotomy on a continuous basis. Responsibly handles and disposes of biohazard waste according to OSHA standards.Ensure proper patient information is entered into the ultrasound machine and that ultrasound exams are properly saved in our PACS system.Answers incoming calls and handles other office duties as assigned by the supervisor.

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