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Nuclear Med Tech II - Nuclear Medicine - PRN

Little Rock, AR 72201

CHI St. Vincent

Posted 11 weeks ago
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Job Description

Position Type: PRN
Scheduled Hours per 2 week Pay Period: 0

JOB SUMMARY: Performs all diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine procedures and related techniques producing images for interpretation by or at the request of a licensed practitioner.


Registered Radiographic Technologist certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT), ASCP or NMTCB in Nuclear Medicine Technology or registry eligible.
Licensure for State of Arkansas.

Education: Baccalaureate degree in Nuclear Medicine or Baccalaureate degree in Medical Technology, Radiological Technology, Nursing or relates field; and graduate of approved school of nuclear medicine technology. Preferred: registered, certified or licensed in multimodalities such as CT, NM, MRI, or routine radiography.

Experience: Required a minimum of 2 years hospital experience in a nuclear medicine department.

Physical Requirements: The physical activities involve balancing, climbing, crawling, grasping, kneeling, lifting, pulling, pushing, reaching, standing, stooping and use of fingers and repetitive movements. An individual in this position may be required to carry or lift weight of up to fifty (50) pounds and push/pull one hundred/one hundred-fifty 100-150 pounds. The sensory and communicative activities required for this position include feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and speaking. Individuals in this position could possibly be exposed to inside environmental conditions, blood borne pathogens and body fluids, chemical hazards, respiratory hazards and radiological hazards.

Skills: Able to use complex imaging equipment and computers. Demonstrates good interpersonal skills and readily adapts to changing events in the radiographic environment.

PRIMARY CUSTOMERS: Patients, physicians and employees.

WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Be effective team member in Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

AGE GROUPS:___Neonate/Infant (Birth - 1 mo) ___Infant (1 mo - 1 yr) ___Toddler (1 yr - 3 yrs) ___Preschool (3 yrs - 6 yrs) __School Age (6 yrs - 13 yrs) __Adolescent (13 yrs - 18 yrs) ___Adult (18 yrs - 64 yrs) __Older Adult (65 + yrs)


1. Patient assessment:
Obtains pertinent medical history from patient by observation or with oral communication.
Performs patient assessment to determine:
a) Patient's physical ability to undergo the imaging procedure as needed.
b) What patient care is needed during the procedure.
c) What modification of the procedure may be required by the age of the patient.
d) If there are contraindications to performing the procedure as ordered.

2. Documentation:
Exercises professional judgment in performance of services and maintains a demeanor complimentary to medical ethics.
Capable of using EHR
Documents pertinent medical history from patient on radiology request form.
Gets appropriate medical history from ordering physician. If NOPR, get appropriate information and send to NOPR for payment.
Completes appropriate forms correctly:
a) Time Out
b) Pregnancy Statement
c) Medication Reconciliation
Uses immobilizing devices as required by the patient's age, condition or the procedure as determined by patient assessment.
Using professional judgment:
a) Performs the procedure as ordered with proper and appropriate indications for procedure.
b) Modifies procedure as required through knowledge gained by patient assessment without compromising diagnostic or therapeutic outcome.
Actively assist in meeting all department accrediting and licensing standards including:
b) State Health Department.
c) Any other state, local or federal agency as required.
Assembles patient examination records.
Assist with monitoring, calculating and record keeping of therapeutic nuclear medicine procedures.
Receives, monitors and disposes of all radiation doses utilized in the department.
Records and processes nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures on departmental computer.
Initiates/verifies orders and billings for nuclear medicine studies on computer.

3. Communication:
Communicates clearly with patients of all ages, peers and others in order to complete the hospital/physician plan of patient care.
Notifies the patient's attending physician or Radiologist of any patient issues that affect the plan of patient care as directed within the time frames identified in the Radiology Policy Manual.
a) Or notifies the nurse on the patient's unit or the physician's office nurse if the physician is not available.

4. Procedures:
Performs appropriate patient care conditions essential for the completion of the procedure for patients of all ages.
Performs radiologic procedures on patients of all ages properly, according to the Radiology Procedure Manual standard of obtaining diagnostic images.
Safely transports wheelchair, stretcher and ambulatory patients as needed.
Performs whole body and organ scan procedures, thyroid uptake examinations and in-vitro procedures.
Operates all equipment used in both in-vitro and in-vivo sections of department.
Performs all laboratory procedures related to nuclear medicine.
Request material, supplies and radioactive isotopes as required.
Assists with administration of therapeutic nuclear medicine doses.
Assists with monitoring, record keeping and distribution of radiation dosimeters to all employees and SVHS-badged physicians exposed to ionizing radiation throughout SVHS.
Documents technical factors on all procedures immediately upon completion of the procedure.
Performs venipuncture under the supervision of a physician on patients of all ages.
Performs clerical tasks to support the patient plan of care.
Assist the Radiologist within the radiographers scope of practice as directed by the physician.
Promptly responds to on-call procedures (30 minutes).

5. Education:
Provides clinical supervision for student Radiographers.
Participates in student clinical competency evaluation by completing :
a) Weekly student evaluations.
b) Evaluates student clinical competency by observing student clinical performance and documenting their competence.
Pursues educational self development in order to maintain ARRT certification.
Maintains Arkansas State License.
Completes mandatory in-services.
Maintains CPR certification according to Health Care Provider course standards by the American Heart Association.
Attends school faculty meetings or monthly department meetings.
Participates in continuous quality improvements activities. (CQI)

6. Environment:
Ensure that all radiation safety standards are met for all age groups.
Documents patient pregnancy statements.
a) Notifies attending physician immediately if patient is pregnant or suspects pregnancy before performing the procedure.
Modifies the procedure for pregnant patients as directed by physician using the Nuclear Medicine Safety Manual Guidelines to include the use of:
a) lead shielding.
b) performing different or fewer images that still support the patient plan of care.
Avoid any mechanical, biological, radiation or electrical hazard and report potential hazards immediately.
a) Minimizes patient radiation exposure by proper performance and avoiding repeat radiographs.
Stores, monitors and disposes of radioactive materials according to prescribed procedures.
Receives, monitors and disposes of all radiation doses utilized in the department.
Maintains a clean working environment

Additional Information
  • Requisition ID: 2019-R
  • Schedule: Part-time
  • Shift: Variable
  • Market: CHI St. Vincent