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Caregiving 101 - 10 ways to care for individuals with dementia

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Dementia is a brain disorder that makes it hard for people to remember, think, communicate, and take care of themselves. In addition, they may experience mood swings and changes in their personality and behavior.

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Our Tips on How to be an Effective Caregiver

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Caregiving sometimes creeps up on families - from an adult child doing their mom or dad’s groceries, driving them to appointments, and then turning into daily visits as the weeks go by and their loved ones experience a worsening case for their chronic illness.

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Being a CNA and dealing with a client's death is hard

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This is the third time that I have lost a client. You’d think that at after years of working in CNA jobs, I would be immune to the powerful feelings that are elicited when a client passes away. Well, surprisingly, I am not immune and I can very much feel ...

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