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"After applying for a job on CaregiverJobsNow's website, it took just a little over 24 hours for an agency to contact me for an interview. I was immediately offered a position at Shepherd's Staff In-Home Care in Maryland. As soon as they spoke to my references, I was offered the job!"

Lara was hired and trained as a Certified Companion Aide by Shepherd's Staff In-Home Care

“It just makes it easier because you show a lot of options. It’s a jobsite that is basically for caregivers...they see a lot of options!”

Shola was hired as a CNA by Assisting Hands serving Bowie!

"I felt very confident in their experience to get me working. It was/has been always available when I needed to ask a question or to talk to. I would vouch for them to anyone who’s looking for work full time, part-time & PRN."

Victrina found her CNA job at SYNERGY Home Care by using CaregiverJobsNow!

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